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The Campbell Law Review is a student-operated journal published by Campbell Law School students. The Law Review is published three times a year and holds an annual Symposium in the fall.

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Annual Symposium

Our Symposium “One City at a Time: The Role and Increasing Presence of Chapter 9 Municipal Bankruptcies” was held on October 17, 2014.

Current Volume

Vol. 37, Issue 1:  Symposium

Symposium Foreword – View PDF
J. Rich Leonard

Keynote Address
Consent: Its Scope, Blips, Blemishes, and a Bekins Extrapolation Too Far
Hon. Thomas B. Bennett

Fair and Unfair Discrimination in Municipal Bankruptcy
Richard M. Hynes & Steven D. Walt

Chapter 9 Plan Confirmation Standards and the Role of State Choices
Juliet M. Moringiello

Positive Liberty in Public Finance: State Oversight of Local-Government Debt and the North Carolina Model
Adam C. Parker

Who Bears the Burden? The Place for Participation of Municipal Residents in Chapter 9
C. Scott Pryor

The Disguise of Municipal Bonds: How a Safe Bet in Investing Can Become an Unexpected Uncertainty During Municipal Bankruptcy
MaryJane Richardson

Is the § 943(b)(7) Feasibility Requirement Feasible? Why Congress Should Clarify Its Chapter 9 Bankruptcy Plan Requirements 
Anderson M. Shackelford

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