Issue 3 | Symposium Edition

Symposium Transcript
The Evolving Role of the Corporate Counsel: How Information Technology is Reinventing Legal Practice
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Money Minded: A Practical Guide to Using Quantitative Legal Calculation Products to Increase Profitability
Caitlin M. Goforth

Issue 2 | North Carolina Edition

Legislative Expansion of Judicial Bifurcation: North Carolina’s Double-Edged Sword
Kip Nelson

Leandro’s Limit: Do North Carolina’s Homeschoolers Have a Right to a Sound Basic Education Protected by the State?
Jessica Archer

Us Got the Best Teachers in the Everywhere: North Carolina Public School Teacher Employment Problems, Interests, and Potential Solutions
J. Tyler Walthall

Finality and Clarity Regarding Pending Claims for Attorney’s Fees: Duncan and the Superfluous 54(b) Certification
Lauren Fussell

More Than Just a DREAM: The Legal and Practical Implications of a North Carolina DREAM Act
John J. Long, Jr.

Issue 1 | National Edition

Testing the Social Media Waters: First Amendment Entanglement Beyond the Schoolhouse Gates
Lily M. Strumwasser

Browsewrap: A Unique Solution to the Slippery Slope of the Clickwrap Conundrum
Michelle Garcia

Fidelity Diluted: Client Confidentiality Gives Way to the First Amendment & Social Media in Virginia State Bar ex rel. Third District Committee v. Horace Frazier Hunter
Jan L. Jacobowitz and Kelly Rains Jesson

Beyond Trade: Global Digital Exhaustion in International Economic Regulation
P. Sean Morris

How to Make Lemonade from Lemons: Achieving Better Free Speech Protection Without Altering the Existing Legal Protection for Censorship in Cyberspace
Gil’ad Idisis

Dropping Dropbox in your Law Practice to Maintain your Duty of Confidentiality
Eliu Mendez

Online Issue

Reeling in the High Cost of Patent Litigation: Implementing Model Orders and Local Rules Nationally
Benjamin T. Buskirk View PDF

The Promotion of Green Energy: An Analysis of North Carolina’s Solar Energy Statutes
Brett A. Carpenter View PDF

Is Religious Freedom Becoming Religious Power?
Brandon B. Patton View PDF
Author’s Postscript